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Ken Lester
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Ken Lester

Ken joined Murray Lester Investment Council Inc. in 1992 to help manage the investment firm founded by his father Murray in 1986. Prior to this, he founded Alternacare, a health care personnel agency which was eventually purchased by Quantum.  Murray, passed away in 2005, following which Ken invited two new partners to join him and changed the name of the firm to Lester Asset Management. Today, the firm manages about $300 million in assets.  Ken is also entering his 25th year as an adjunct professor at McGill University where he teaches Applied Investments and Behavioral Finance at the B. Com. and MBA level in the School of Management. As well, for the past 10 years, he has been the Chief Investment Officer at Desautels Capital Inc, a company formed within McGill University where his Honors in Investment Management students manage equity and fixed income funds. Ken currently serves on the Board of Directors of  MHB Labs, a private company in Boston, Mass.
Ken holds a BA in History from Concordia University and a Master’s in Teaching History from Rhode Island College., as well as the Partners, Directors and Officers certification.