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Built to Meet Your Objectives

After determining our clients’ investment objectives, risk tolerances and other considerations, we customize portfolios to optimize returns.

Higher returns/Lower risk: Our goal is to generate higher returns than the market with lower risks. We try to achieve this by investing in companies and buying securities when they are trading at prices that are well below their true intrinsic value. In this way, we attempt to build portfolios in which the upside potential is higher than the market while the downside risk is lower.

We offer three alternatives designed to meet each clients’ investment objectives:

Segregated Accounts: For clients who have over $500,000 in investments, we offer segregated portfolios. These are accounts opened in each clients’ names in order that they may hold their securities directly. Portfolios can therefore be customized to meet a client’s particular needs, and range from Conservative Income (100% fixed income securities) to three types of balanced portfolios (Balanced Income, Balanced, Balanced Growth) to Maximum Growth (100% equities).

Lester Canadian Equity Fund: For clients who have less than $500,000 in investments and who want exposure to Canadian equities, this fund was created to provide greater diversification than can be achieved in a smaller segregated account.


Download this document to learn more about our offering.