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Founded on a Superior Track Record

We believe that Canadian equities will continue to be one of the best performing asset classes compared to another lost decade of poor returns from foreign markets.

The LAM Canadian Equity Fund was launched so that accounts that cannot be managed effectively on a segregated basis due to their small size, may achieve proper equity diversification by owning units of our pooled fund. The Fund also allows institutions and clients of investment advisors, brokers and financial planners to invest in our portfolio strategy while maintaining their current relationships. Specifically, the Fund holds the same 40 to 50 stocks that are concurrently held in our segregated accounts and which have produced an annualized compound return of approximately 11.5% per year since July 2006, higher than the 6.5% annualized return for the TSX Composite Total Return Index (see Monthly LAM Canadian Equity Report).

Objectives: This fund seeks to maximize capital appreciation and achieve a superior long-term rate of return, primarily from investing in the common shares of publicly-traded Canadian-listed companies. The fund’s goal is to achieve higher than market returns with lower risk.

Strategy: LAM Canadian Equity Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of Canadian small, mid and large capitalization equities, using a disciplined and long-term investment approach. Research is based on a thorough understanding of each company and the industry in which each operates, complemented by our macro-economic outlook. The Fund’s strategy is value-oriented seeking to purchase shares at a discount to a company’s true worth, as well as event-driven with the goal of maximizing shareholder value either through dividend increases, share buybacks, spin-offs or an outright sale.

Fees: The management expense ratio (MER) for Series F units is comprised of management fees of 1.5% per annum, plus a maximum of 0.1% for operating expenses, as well as trading and custodial charges.


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Investors in the LAM Canadian Equity Fund may request a copy of the financial statements of the Fund.

To invest in the LAM Canadian Equity Fund please contact us to open an account for you or ask your advisor to purchase units in our fund on FundServ under the symbol LAF100. We are available on the following platforms: NBIN (National Bank), RBC (Royal Bank), Echelon and Raymond James.