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6 décembre 2013

Financial Post - On Lester's Fund Finding Torque in Tech Names

JONATHAN RATNER, Fincacial Post,  3/12/13

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Lester Asset Management has created what its chief investment officer Stephen Takacsy calls an “anti-index” fund by targeting companies and sectors that are either under-represented in Canadian indices or not in them at all.

The original post can be found here

10 septembre 2012

Globe and Mail talks to Stephen Takacsy about cost of index-linked products

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FABRICE TAYLOR, Special to The Globe and Mail 8/21/2012


Lester Asset Management's Stephen talks to the Globe and Mail about the true costs associated with buying index-linked products - funds and especially ETFs.

The original story can be found here. Index funds cost a lot more than you think.

26 juillet 2011

Le Globe and Mail cite Stephen Takacsy sur la valeur des producteurs d'or

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MARTIN MITTELSTAEDT, The Globe and Mail,  7/26/2011

Après la performance brillante d'or, est-il le tour des mineurs de briller?

Gold prices are going through the roof, hitting a new record high this week above $1,600 (U.S.) a troy ounce, but you’d never guess it from the shares of gold miners.

L'article original peut être trouvé ici. 

11 mai 2011

Le Financial Post listes de nos choix (en anglais seulement)

(Disponible en anglais seulement)

The Financial Post's Jonathan Ratner's interview with Stephen Takacsy on strategies in the current climate. Stephen Takacsy, chief investment officer at Lester Asset Management, favours shares of companies in the telecom, renewable energy and gas storage and transmission sectors.

The original article may be found here.

15 avril 2011

Financial Post le remarque.... Lester tunes in cricket for profit

Barry Critchley, Financial Post · Apr. 11, 2011

Chances are not many of the clients of Montreal-based money manager Lester Asset Management are big fans of cricket, the international game whose World Cup was held April 2 in Mumbai between India and Sri Lanka.

But all the firm's clients have, in a small way, benefitted from the stake Lester has accumulated in Asian Television Network (ATN), a TSX-Venture listed company whose stable of 33 cable channels includes two, CBN and Cricket Plus, that are almost exclusively devoted to televising cricket on a pay-per-view basis.