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Higher Returns with Lower Risk

Investing is not about playing the market, making a quick buck on tips, or placing speculative bets. It’s about a long term disciplined approach to growing capital by holding ownership stakes in companies.

We have three principals which guide our investment philosophy:

  1. We act as shareholders. We invest for the long term like a business owner would, and are not afraid to take an active role if necessary. We don’t try to time the market or flip hot stocks. Investing is not about “playing the market”, making a quick buck on stock tips, or placing speculative bets. Building real wealth requires discipline and patience.
  2. We are value conscious. We buy into companies when they trade at a discount to their true values, either because they are less well known, unloved, misunderstood, or the market has dragged them down to attractive levels. We avoid buying investments that are overpriced when everyone else is buying them.
  3. We stay focused on companies’ businesses. We don’t let economic headlines or other noises dictate our investment decisions. However, we do evaluate how the macro-economic environment may affect our holdings. We don’t get scared-off by volatile market movements which are often driven by technical factors such as fund flows or psychology like fear and greed.